A Bird’s Call

As raindrops tap gently on my window, I find myself immersed in a symphony of nature's rhythms. Today is a canvas, waiting for the strokes of my perception to color its essence. Is it a day of thwarted plans and gloom, or is it an opportunity to dance with the raindrops and find solace in the stillness they bring?


Take this moment to pause and revel in the beauty of haiku poems shared in response to a "Flowers for Mom" image. Seek the beauty that abounds and remember that the greatest gift you can give to others this holiday season is your presence.


Endeavor to thoughtfully care for another living being. By so doing, you will be led to earnestly consider issues facing the world around you. Join nature photographer, Elmore DeMott, on her camera journey to see her art, read her words, and hear her speak.