Passionate about encouraging people to connect with nature and tap their creative selves through the arts, Elmore DeMott is a speaker, writer, and artist. She finds nature to be her greatest source of inspiration as she proclaims, “Beauty abounds. Seek it daily.” Through her words and images, we witness Mother Earth’s invitation to heal ourselves, as well as the earth, by experiencing nature’s abundant gifts and listening to her voice.

Flowers and forests—Elmore’s signature photographic subjects—have been featured in exhibits, publications, and arts collaborations including those with the San Francisco-based Del Sol String Quartet, the DAP Dance Festival in Italy, and the Nights of Pierrevert Photography Festival in France where she was artist in residence. Mother Earth has been whispering insightful words to Elmore, and she has a new book in process as well as artwork that combines her photography and writing.

As an avid arts supporter who describes the arts as being fundamental to all lives, Elmore serves on the board of South Arts and was the founding president of ClefWorks, an Alabama arts organization, created to promote the education and enjoyment of chamber music through innovative programming. Elmore was named an Architect of Change by Maria Shriver for her artistic work and is a founding board member of the internationally acclaimed JACK Quartet as well as the Photographic Nights of Selma Festival. For collaborating, connecting, and sharing artistic experience, Elmore received the +Factor Award from the New York-based string quartet, ETHEL.

Two adult daughters enrich her life, and Elmore loves to sing whenever given the chance. You will find Elmore listening to the call of nature wherever travels take her, and she always looks forward to returning to her beloved dogs in her home state of Alabama.