I Am

When seeking answers to foundational human questions, many plants and animals have lifted their voices in reply, and have shown me how we are all one. We can learn from each other as our best selves come forth. Through the teachings from many things in the natural world including moss, flowers, nuts, seeds, snakes, birds, water, and more, this developing series of both photographs and words has come into being as I remain open to new whispers of inspiration. Enjoy taking a peek at photos from this ongoing project and stay tuned for more.

One Day

I once photographed a flower a day as a reminder that beauty abounds, and we should seek it daily—even during tough times. Now I see that it is the abundance of beauty needing our attention. In contrast to my daily practice of one flower a day for the Flowers for Mom series, I now set about creating an entire collection of images from nature on one day. This collection of images is an example of one spectacular
fall day, and I continue to explore this One Day exercise. No matter the weather or season, beauty abounds—every day!


Abundant nourishment and healing can be found in every ecosystem on the earth in flowers, leaves, stems, roots, fruits,
bark, and more. What may have been disregarded as a “weed” just might offer powerful healing for our bodies. I invite you to get curious and get to know what is growing around you. You will be surprised and delighted with what you discover! Before long you will find yourself
planting things and enjoying your connection with the earth.

Flowers for Mom

For almost five years, I photographed a flower every single day, as my artistic response to my mother’s ongoing struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. Flowers from 23 states, the District of Columbia, and 15 countries are included in this offering during which there were moments of feeling lost in the weeds, of grieving over what is no longer blooming, and of being bothered by pests in the garden of life. Experiencing this floral odyssey showed me that when I pause and pay attention, there are new buds showing promise, flowers to be enjoyed exactly as they are, and butterflies pollinating the garden to ensure future blooms. When facing hardships in life, flowers remind us we can discover beauty in the most unexpected ways. Beauty abounds. Seek it daily.

Beauty of the Earth

Be it the purple color of a tiny flower barely above the ground, a bird in flight, or sunlight touching the branch of a tree, there is always something drawing my attention when I spend time in nature. Sometimes I just breathe it in, and at other times I invite my camera and pen to join me in creating something beautiful to share.

Mighty Pines

The pine tree was the first thing to speak to me so clearly that I shifted my camera away from people, places, and things, to focus on nature. I give my deep gratitude to this tree that is so much more than I ever imagined including food and healing for us humans as well as shade, support for wildlife, and wood for our lives. I continue to walk amongst these powerful trees and invite them to help me see them and understand how to care for them in new ways as we all step into healing ourselves and this shared place we call home.