If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what is experiencing a moment worth?  I can capture beauty on camera and cause one to marvel at the shapes, the colors, the details, but I cannot fully express an experience in a single image.  There are simply some things that one must take in for themselves.



On an early fall day as I sought a photo of a flower, I fully paused.  The breeze was whispering in my ears as the butterflies flitted about, moving too quickly for me to photograph, so I simply stopped and enjoyed them.  Tall grass tickled my arms as startled doves flew off of their perch on the tall pine tree beside me.  The cicadas were singing their song as I watched a leaf slowly float to the ground.  Remnants of morning dew caught the light as did the green needles of the long leaf pines.  Yellow, purple and white wildflowers surrounded me as a hawk circled above my head.  As the sun warmed my back it revealed an intricate web with a spider resting at its center.  Blades of grass popped back up as my boot lifted, and periodically I heard things buzz past my ears.



What do you see, feel and notice when you fully pause?  Imagine these photos in full focus.  Just as I can tell my child what I have learned and try to help them, it is their own experiences that serve as a far greater teacher.  Today, choose to stand still.  Take in the moment.



Lifelong learning is something in which I am a firm believer, and to those institutions that invite us to do so, I give my thanks.  The Morris Museum is such a place and amongst its treasures in the Center for the Study of Southern Art are important records on Dale Kennington, my favorite Alabama artist ever.  It is my honor to be joining them this Friday to speak for their Art at Lunch event while finally having a chance to see the exhibit of my “Flowers for Mom” that will be showing through November 18th.  This week, my flowers will be joined by a competitive flower show featuring floral interpretations of art in the collection of the Morris Museum of Art.  This Southern Sojourn show is being presented by the Sand Hills Garden Club, a member of the Garden Club of America.  If you are within reach of Augusta, Georgia take a moment to breathe in the art and nature being featured.  If you simply cannot get there, let me know how my flowers and I can make a stop in your area on this Camera Journey.  Thanks for being along for the adventures!


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  1. Transcendent, Elmore!! Great wisdom – wonderful tune-up for the day ahead. Thank you!!! ?

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