Endeavor to thoughtfully care for another living being.  By so doing, you will be led to earnestly consider issues facing the world around you.



The Black Warrior Riverkeeper, a nonprofit clean water advocacy organization, protects the waterway bearing its name.  They know that what is happening in the entire watershed area of the river affects the quality of the water, the flow of the waterway, the plant life, the animals, and ultimately the people who enjoy the river for recreation and depend on it for drinking water.  I am delighted to be joining hands with this great organization when I have a solo show at the Harrison Galleries in Tuscaloosa, Alabama featuring nature photography from both my pine and flower series.  On Friday September 14th from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. will be a free event called “Celebrating Nature through Art.”  Join us for the reception with live music and a brief presentation by yours truly and Charles Scribner, the executive director of Black Warrior Riverkeeper.  You can also catch the show during the fun of First Friday in downtown Tuscaloosa on the 7th from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., and during regular gallery hours through September 21st.



As school gets started, I am thankful for the teachers who thoughtfully foster students in classrooms.  When we care for children, we understand how critical a quality education is, and also recognize that we never stop learning.  The Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts is aware of that fact and has great educational programming for leaners of all ages.  I will be joining the talented pen and ink artist, Melissa Tubbs, on Thursday August 30th as a part of the Build Your Brand partnership with the Montgomery Art Guild.  We will be talking about building digital and real world community.  Join us, or take time to explore something you want to learn more about.



Those who thoughtfully care for my mother and others who are cognitively impaired understand how important it is to have access to good healthcare, socialization, exercise, and music.  Isn’t it incredible how looking after another living being leads us to see beyond ourselves and acknowledge issues in the world needing our attention?  What or whom do you foster that increases your awareness of issues affecting our common good?  As we each do our small part, we are all shaping a better world.  Thank you for caring.



  1. Congratulations on your show at the Harrison Galleries, Elmore – so excited for you! Hope to hear your talk on August 30, at MMFA! As always, love your work – beautiful and encouraging!

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