A Bird’s Call

It is a rainy day as I sit and write. How to see this day is my choice. Is it a day of disappointment over not being able to easily go for a walk with the dogs? Is it a day of feeling as gloomy as the cloudy sky looks? Or, is it a day to honor the change of rhythm and the stillness brought by the rain? I choose to celebrate the gift of water for the thirsty earth and for the pansies I planted a few days ago. I choose to be sipping hot tea and knowing that today is not calling for getting out and about. I see today as magnificent, and for that I give thanks. How easy it is to be distracted by the chaos and strife in this world during this season of thanksgiving. In truth, every season is one to give thanks because when we choose to seek it, beauty always abounds.

Now my teacup is empty, my patient dogs are quietly resting, and the rain seems to have taken a momentary pause as full clouds indicate they have more rain to release. There it is—the call of a bird saying “Come join me out here—lift up from your screen and see what Mother Nature has to show you right now!”

Out I went with the dogs to soon return to the house as the raindrops were again steadily coming down. There was time to say hello to the pansies that were folded over from the pounding rain and to revel in the intricate detail of some pine cones that were tightly closed to hold their seeds, awaiting the right time to open up and let them fly with the wind. It never ceases to amaze me how uplifting it is to connect with nature, even if just for a moment. There are always notes to take as I soak in the wisdom and peace that are ever-present.

I give thanks for this magnificent world full of surprises, and for opportunities to see through a lens of beauty, as I receive the love flowing all around me. The bird is now quiet as if to say, “Be still and prepare to sing again.”