Art inspires us to think and to feel, and our response is tied to who and where we are at that very moment.  When posted recently on social media, I asked people to give words to this image in haiku form.  Take this moment to pause and revel in the beauty of their words and their own artistic responses to my creation.


Flowers for Mom Vol. II – January 19

Flowers for Mom Vol. III – August 15


Continue to take moments to pause during this busy time of the year.  Seek the beauty that abounds and remember that the greatest gift you can give to others is your presence.


Flowers for Mom Vol. iII – September 11


If you ever wondered what good could possibly come from Alzheimer’s – how about it inspiring a photo series that landed the artist on the cover of a magazine?!  See the recent articles on page 32 in Boom Magazine and on page 12 in Elmore County Living.

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