We Got the Beat

Do you remember playing with rhythm sticks as a kid?  It is so simple and so satisfying to tap on something while feeling the rhythm in your body. One of my children is learning to play the drums and since she drew my attention to that part of a song, I find myself pulled in and enveloped by the rhythm as I acknowledge the richness of a song that includes the melody, the harmony and a blend of instruments shaping notes together to create a piece of music.

Nature makes music in an equally magnificent fashion with more sounds being created than I can soak in all at once.  There remains an underlying beat brought forth by the rhythm of the seasons – constant and core to the underlying composition.  When dancing through the year I am grateful that in some moments it is a slow dance and in others a fast paced swing dance.  Spring is here now as I find myself moving with more of a hop in my step while stretching my legs after a long winter nap in preparation for the summer boogie.

Trees are swaying to their unique ballet as the leaves of deciduous trees begin to unfurl.  Have you ever paused to witness the way the leaves change their costume through variations in color and shape as they feel the rhythm of the seasons?  It is quite magnificent to see as the tiny nub on a branch transforms into a curled up leaf and does the slow dance of unfurling into a bright green new shape that adorns the tree.  As the beat goes on, the leaves darken before the color drains out and the summer salsa slows to a gentle waltz before doing a final fall pirouette and coming to rest on the stage of the forest floor.

I invite you to join me in feeling the rhythm of nature.  Don’t miss a beat because each season has its own music worthy of a dance.  Perhaps you prefer three quarter time with more half notes than eighth notes.  It matters not your favorite time signature as long as you choose to dance.  Life is more fun when you do, and we all need the joy of dancing in our lives because it is contagious!  The trees will show you the way.

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Beauty abounds. Seek it daily.