One Day in February

Walking requires a first step, a decision to begin.  Often that can be the hardest step.  Once I do choose to get outside and walk in nature, I am never disappointed.  Usually I do not take a camera other than the one on my phone. When I do opt to carry my trusty friend with its great glass lens to see what photographs are asking to be taken, I tend to follow the light.  Where is light landing on something and catching my eye?  What is asking for a moment of attention and the opportunity to radiate its beauty towards me?  Nature does not disappoint – ever – when we choose to pause and pay attention.

For almost five years I photographed a single flower a day, to honor my mother’s Alzheimer’s journey.  Now it is fun to flip that practice upside down and see the abundant allure of nature on one single day.  The scarcity mindset can try to convince me that it is impossible to create an interesting series on just one day.  What if it is raining?  What if the sun is harsh?  What if no flowers are blooming?  What if it is freezing cold?  Success is about the decision to take a step, and again I say, nature does not disappoint.  There might be raindrops on berries, powerful dark shadows, dried flower pods that have dropped their seeds into the ground for new growth, or a captivating frozen puddle full of leaves.  The way to fail creating something is by not beginning. We must remember that the right moment is often now.  Is it time to put on shoes?!

 As spring is showing signs of appearing, the forest still holds its fall colors mixed with evergreen tones.  On a recent February day, my camera and I stepped outside for a walk along with my furry companions, and once again, nature did not disappoint.  For this missive, I invite the forest to do the talking through these photos from one day in February.  See the light, savor the shapes, and tune in to the details.  Look closely at the sprig of the baby pine tree for the spider that was hiding on its web and took me by surprise when I viewed the image on my computer screen!

Enjoy some of my Flowers for Mom here, and a sample of my One Day exercise here.  Both collections are variations on the same theme, “Beauty abounds.  Seek it daily.”  Now at the almost eight year mark, it is music that best unites me with Mom on this Alzheimer’s journey.  I marvel at how her eyes may be closed and she appears not to be engaged with what is happening, yet when a familiar song is played she will move her hands in rhythm to the music.  Art and nature are such powerful gifts.  Find your way to engage with them both.  All that is required is the choice to take the first step.