Making a Wave

How many choices do we make every day?  As we make decisions to say things and to do things, the most critical choice we make is the emotion behind that action.  Do we choose fear, anger, hate, or do we choose love and compassion?  Each seemingly small decision creates a ripple effect.  When fear is dominating our actions, we are putting more fear into the world.  When love is the place from which we act, we are setting off a chain reaction that allows love to spread beyond that single decision.

What can you choose to do today, that demonstrates compassion and puts into motion what your best self wants to see in the world?  Perhaps it is simply caring for yourself in taking a few moments to step outside and let sunshine land on your face.  Maybe it is a phone call to say hello to someone in a long term care facility where visitors are now forbidden.  How about reaching out to an old friend who you have been too busy to take time to see?  Imagine the ripple effect of your laughter as you share old stories!

While we may feel that all decisions are being made for us and we are to simply comply, that is not the case.  We can choose the emotion behind our responses, and we can choose how we spend our moments within the time and space we are given.  Just as I did not choose to be the daughter of one with Alzheimer’s I was able to choose to respond by photographing a flower a day.  I can, and do, pause for beauty every day, and so can you.

With each passing day, I am witnessing creative responses to our current times, and seeing people harness the power of their talents to bring joy and light into our world.  We can watch live concerts online, we can see images of new works of art, we can watch videos of people saying things that encourage positive thoughts and actions.  Let’s choose to spend our moments watching and doing things that our best selves want to see in the world.  Together, our small actions make a giant wave.  Here’s to that wave being powerful and beautiful!

Inspiration from “Flowers for Mom”

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