First the Flower

Before there is fruit, there is a flower.  As beautiful as the flower may be, it is only an outward sign that your tree is working towards producing a delicious gift.  It requires great work to actually produce the fruit, and the journey is made possible through the support of the elements surrounding your tree.  There are healing waters quenching your thirst.  There is sunshine that is giving you the strength to grow.  There are breezes that are gently touching your leaves, and sometimes harshly causing your trunk to shake in order to challenge you to persevere and continue to grow.  There is beautiful rich soil at your feet nourishing your roots so that you can grow and produce fruit, and within that fruit there are seeds that will be able to grow new trees that produce new fruit.

The fruit is a mighty gift to the world as it feeds another hungry soul needing the support to live and flourish.  Within the seeds of just a single piece of your fruit is the possibility of feeding more souls than you can begin to imagine.  In that light, do not stop your work to bring forth the fruit of your seed because without you, there are others who will be hungry and there are trees that will never exist.  Be strong.  Keep your roots firmly grounded.  Lift up your branches to welcome the sunshine.  Allow your trunk to sway in the storm and not be broken.

Know that you have the power to produce something magnificent.  You can allow your leaves to fall to the ground to provide nutrients for the soil at your feet.  Close your eyes and rest through the cold winter with the knowledge that you not only flowered, but did so much more.  When spring comes you will be ready to again open your eyes, fill your branches with leaves and continue to grow and support new life.