Wood You Notice

Ever thought about the tree that produces gorgeous flowers?  While the blooms are fleeting, the tree is soaking up water and sunshine throughout the year, and presenting us with marvelous seasonal fashion.  Just think of all of the outfits – with leaves, with barren branches, with buds, with flowers, with green leaves, with golden leaves, and more!

What about the tree that produced the wood for the furniture on which you are sitting?  Just as the careful hands of a gardener allow plants to flourish for the eye to savor, the hands of skilled craftsmen turn the gifts of a tree into family heirlooms.

My camera and I recently spent time with Thomas Moser.  He is an artist, a craftsman, and a gentle giant in the furniture realm.  Because of his leadership and vision, he has built an incredible team in his furniture workshop in Maine.  To experience a place of gratitude for the beautiful wood being used, with a spirit of pride in the quality of work being done, and compassion for those with whom they work was something with which I am certain the trees are pleased.

Our natural resources are precious.  Care for them.  Appreciate them, and celebrate the thoughtful use of them.  Next time you play a round at Augusta National, make sure and check out this gorgeous tree.  It’s fairly easy to find as it is along the fairway of hole #2 – the “Pink Dogwood Hole!”

Where shall my camera and I go next?  Do tell!

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