Water World

Photographing the shimmer of water and its beauty in settings such as the beach and the lake has long gotten the attention of my camera.  As I recently learned, due to a small broken plumbing connection, water can also be very destructive.  Fortunately, I have had a wonderful partner with whom to weather this storm, and as we have been dealing with water on the home front we have celebrated fire on the business front.  My husband, Miles DeMott, and I just had our first piece published in Covey Rise Magazine – “Why We Burn.”  Preview it here and get the scoop on how to subscribe.  Hint, hint – it’s a great Father’s Day gift!  Covey Rise is a beautiful lifestyle magazine with thick, luscious paper that allows photographs to shine.  What a delight it is to have this new adventure on my Camera Journey.

Our not being in town when water pressure and gravity wreaked havoc on our home may have something to do with being on the road working on our next piece for Covey Rise about a bourbon distillery in Kentucky, so stay tuned…  I do hope you will read more about why it is we burn, and savor the words of my talented husband who is pictured below with yours truly thanks to the great photographer, friend and mentor, Mark Dauber.

Water has been ruling my world making it apropos to receive a call from a gallery asking me for waterfront images to show a client.  I will leave you with some of my selections from around the globe that remind us of the allure of water.  May your summer include peaceful moments of watching sparkling ripples while you revel in the views of the sky over expansive bodies of powerful water.

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