The Forest for the Trees

As Smokey the Bear can attest, it only takes a spark to start a fire.  It was my husband’s invitation to watch a fire that lit my interest in creating a series of photographs to foster an appreciation for the life cycle of pine trees and forests.

Since first witnessing a controlled burn in a managed forest, I have spent several years admiring and photographing the beauty of the pine.  I aimed to capture the forest from an artistic perspective, and my collection is no longer a seedling but a mature pine ready to be enjoyed.  Alabama State Council on the Arts has given me the tremendous opportunity to include my work in the Pine exhibit that is now on display in the Georgine Clarke Alabama Artists Gallery on the first floor of the RSA Tower in Montgomery.  I felt that the majestic pine deserved to be shown on a grand scale, so the works on display are large metal prints as tall as my fourteen-year-old!

My photographs are like my children in that I love them each for their unique qualities.  That being the case, it was difficult to select only a few works to present for the show, so a book project ignited.  My husband, Miles DeMott, is not only good at playing with fire, he also has a way with words as evidenced in his novels and other creations as a freelance writer.  We combined forces and created CHULEE, a view of the forest for the trees.  After more than two decades of marriage, on a relative scale, this book project was pretty easy!

For a preview of CHULEE, a union of the myth of a pine tree, and artistic views of the forest, click here.  Your eyes will be treated to rich colors and unique perspectives while your ears enjoy music composed by our talented friend, Tom Vignieri.  Enjoy the experience and then feel free to click the Buy Now button!  As a way to say thanks to you, marvelous friends who so kindly purchased my first book, I am offering this book at half price if you just snap a picture of Take My Hand and e-mail it to me.  It is supporters like you who keep my camera and me going on this journey.

To learn more about CHULEE, read this article in the Montgomery Independent, and if you are in the region, we would love to see you at the exhibit opening and book signing on Thursday, September 18th at the Alabama Artists Gallery from 5:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. during the ARTrek festivities.  I look forward to sharing stories about chasing fire and welcome the opportunity to create custom pieces for you with work from this series.  The show hangs through October and can be viewed Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Enjoy this unique view of the forest for the trees.

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