Stories to Tell

It feels as if 2015 has just begun, yet January is at its close.  Hopefully, you have embraced the year and your New Year’s resolutions are still intact.  My camera and I have been out and about creating images and I have new stories to tell.  Reflections are a favorite subject of mine and this particular shot, “Mirror Mirror on the Pond” is a reminder of my mantra when taking photographs to always stop to look behind you.  I thought the shot of the day was of the golden sunset on the trees with the reflection in the water, but luckily I turned around to this.  For more stories on my camera journey, keep in touch on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Just last week the mailman delivered our copy of the new issue of Art Galleries and Artists of the South in which there is a lovely feature on my photography. What a way to begin my new year! How thankful this fine art storyteller is to all of you on my journey who make such things possible. Check out this great publication and learn about interesting things happening in the art world.

Christ Church Episcopal School in Greenville, South Carolina recently invited me to be a guest artist.  My first day was spent with third graders who were doing a unit on creativity.  Needless to say, I was blown away by their ideas and responses to my photographs.  The second day brought time with the first graders who had been studying trees, making photographs from the CHULEE collection a perfect topic.  It was incredibly rewarding to see them respond to my creations and discover meaning I had never considered.  If you have ever spent time sharing with children, I bet you too have been inspired by their curiosity and imagination.  A 2015 wish of mine is to continue spending time being influenced by those much younger than me.  Remember to pause and share your time and talent and marvel at how much you receive in return.

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