See Differently

One of the amazing gifts for an artist when having an art show is feedback. Yes, being an artist is great fun, but inspiration and creativity are not always flowing. A comment about my current exhibit that has provided a magic spark to keep me going is “Your photographs help me see things differently.” Needless to say my camera and I were delighted to hear that!  An intent with art is to elicit a response and to know that has been achieved is humbling.

Being aware of seeing things differently has given me pause while out taking photos.  Have you stopped to enjoy a lone spider lily this fall?  You should!

In addition to feedback, those who write about artists also provide critical support on our creative journeys.  I am fortunate to have received the gift of wonderful media coverage.  If you want more scoop on the exciting things happening for me as an artist, check out what Rick Harmon had to say here, Wiley White here, and Deborah Moore here.  Many thanks to these kind writers.

CBS Sunday morning is my favorite television show, and just this week in a story about a museum, they presented the impressive figure that more than 850 million people visit museums every year which is more than all major league sports teams combined.  During this football season, I challenge you to step into a gallery or museum and allow art to elicit your response and hope that as a result you will “see differently.”

I will try many crazy things in the name of art, and have focused the camera on my upcoming solo show titled Earth, Pine and Fire which opens at Studio 209 during the first weekend of the 20th Anniversary of the Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival in Thomasville, Georgia.  My husband, and tractor driver extraordinaire, claims this was a shot on my bucket list!  Stay tuned…

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