To feel the warmth of the sun

To appreciate the blue in the sky

To marvel at the majesty of trees

To see the beauty in the everyday

To celebrate the moment

This tree is a favorite of mine and whatever the season there is always new color and light for my camera to capture.  Amazing how something as large and steadfast as a towering tree exhibits such beauty through change and renewal.

Since we are talking about trees, perhaps you should consider the gift of trees this Christmas. A signed, first edition of CHULEE: Spirit of the Pine Tree takes your nature lover into the wild, no matter the weather or season, for a unique view of our connection to the forest that surrounds us. Selected images from the book are also available as fine art prints as custom holiday orders, so yours is the gift that adds a window into the woods from the den or office.  Your hunt for the perfect gift for your outdoorsman is over!

For you local folks, we’re trimming with and for the trees at the Cloverdale Road location of Stonehenge on December 4th, from 2 to 6.  If you can’t make it, we will gladly mail you a copy with autographs and a bow included.  To friends old and new on this camera journey I give thanks to you this holiday season.

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