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A journey begins with a single step.  After 1,000 steps, it is incredible to see how far you have traveled.  This past week marked 1,000 days of “Flowers for Mom.”  Every day there has been a flower.  Every day there has been beauty.  Every day I have been reminded of the value in pausing for just a moment to be creative.  

Check out my new "Flowers for Mom" video by McLeod Media.

Such gratitude I have for the gardeners, for those who show me flowers, and for the people who are with me on this journey that appreciate the power of connecting with nature.  The first step began out of a feeling of helplessness with a desire to do something to help my mother.  Now that I have taken over 1,000 steps, I see that I am the greatest beneficiary of this floral odyssey as I have been joined by friends along the way, supported by family, and learned the value in stopping to appreciate beauty, even on the hard days.

"Flowers for Mom" image by Elmore DeMott honoring an Alzheimer's journey and celebrating nature since August 2016

For Mother’s Day weekend, I will be speaking at my greatest source of floral inspiration – Jasmine Hill Gardens.  It will be fun to share my story and photographs with friends and family in the area.  Do join us if you can, or reach out if you want to schedule a time for me to come to your hometown to share words and images aimed to enlighten and entertain.

Elmore DeMott will be speaking at Jasmine Hill Gardens on May 11

With the first step I never thought I would surpass 1,000, and I certainly never thought that the path would one day lead me to become an international artist.  This summer is going to be an exciting one with a start in New York City before venturing to France and Italy.  Stay tuned for details!  Alabama has its very own International Art Center, so perhaps my art hanging there is my first step in the international realm!  If you are in the area, join us for the opening event on June 3rd at Troy University, and see how advanced photography students used my work as a jumping off point to create their own images.  

Photo by Elmore DeMott of flowering herb that reminds us that beauty abounds and we must seek it daily.

Whether it be a pot of basil or mint at your back door, or a garden full of flowers, do something to get your hands in the dirt.  Feel the power of connecting with nature.  Beauty abounds.  Seek it daily.

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