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Clematis Flowers for Mom July 15 Chautauqua


In Miss Rumphius, the classic picture book by Barbara Cooney, the main character was inspired as a young girl to explore the world and to find her unique way to leave the world a better place. Explore she did, before landing in her home by the sea where she became known as the Lupine Lady. The legacy of the real Miss Rumphius can be seen in the countless lupines that bloom along the coast of Maine. What a way to make the world more beautiful!


Milkweed Chautauqua Flowers for Mom July 5


Because of many individuals like Miss Rumphius, Chautauqua Institution, in western New York, is filled with gorgeous blooms that are a treat to thousands of summer visitors. The “Flowers for Mom” series was born in this place that sparks creativity in me and so many others.


Thistle Flowers for Mom Chautauqua July 17


The Chautauqua Bird Tree and Garden Club provides amazing programs to foster the beautification of the Chautauqua grounds in addition to teaching summer visitors about gardening, pollinators, bats, birds and more. I give them my deepest thanks for encouraging the hands of the many gardeners who nurture the flowers that inspired me. In this place where it all began, on July 16th at 12:15 p.m. in Smith Wilkes Hall, I will be speaking for the Monarch Moments and More series. If you are amongst those reveling in the many offerings of Chautauqua on the 16th, I hope you will join me as I talk about “Flowers for Mom.” On August 2nd, I intend to return to the very same Chautauqua roadside spot to begin Volume III of my daily photographic journey with a shot of Queen Anne’s lace.


Monarch Butterfly Flowers for Mom Chautauqua


If you are one who nurtures gardens, I give you my thanks. If you are one who enjoys the flowers, make sure and thank the gardeners! Here’s to each of our unique abilities to make the world a better place. Now go about seeking beauty today. It abounds.


Callaway Garden Flowers for Mom


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