Happiness in 2015

There is something special about a new year that is exciting.  We feel a fresh start and aim to make the new year better than the last.  As I look at 2015 for myself and for you I wish for genuine happiness.  Hard times are inevitable, yet by being deliberate in how we choose to respond to what happens to us we can opt for happiness.  Doing so allows us to find greater peace and joy in daily life.  According to Andy Puddicombe, founder of Headspace, “We live as if our life will go on forever.  Failing to acknowledge our mortality, always focused on the future, we miss the beauty of now.”  As you view 2015, focus on today.  My camera and I hope to set our sights on ordinary things that are easily ignored when life gets crazy.  What will we find to capture in the coming months…

Family brings me great happiness and from all of us DeMotts we send you greetings for a very Happy New Year!  May it be filled with daily moments to treasure and more simple pleasures than you can count.

Thanks to the talented team at minted for this awesome card.  I had fun shooting my precious girls with their designs in mind.  Love their gorgeous paper and fabulous designs topped off with excellent customer service.  It’s great to have photos to share electronically, but there is something wonderful about seeing and holding them printed.  As you treasure your moments in 2015 remember to print out some of your best shots and savor them.  May happiness be with you.

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