Great Grandmother

As I write, I am sitting under a tree planted for my mother’s 60th birthday. This tree is lovingly referred to as Mother, and she bears the beauty of her 25 years here with long branches that create a canopy of wonderful shade.  This “oak room” is my favorite one of the place I call home, and a great spot to share in meals with friends, or to sit and write with dogs at my feet and birds serenading me.  Even in Alabama summer heat, Mother’s magnificence creates a shady respite that is dramatically cooler than surrounding areas.

Mother’s Day invites me to reflect on generations of mothers, and today I share with you a piece I wrote called Great Grandmother.  Enjoy this video reading featuring a glimpse of this wise old tree.  To those who “mother” in so many ways, including our common Mother Earth, I celebrate you!

I remain deeply grateful for the continued earthly presence of my mother who inspired my Flowers for Mom series that invited me to connect with nature, every day, for almost five years to honor her Alzheimer’s journey through flowers. Happy Mother’s Day!