Going to the Chapel

Did reading the title get that “Going to the Chapel” song playing in your head?!  It’s definitely in mine.  Wedding season is underway with wonderful events in store and plans for many couples to step inside churches for ceremonies joining them together in holy matrimony.

Colorful Steeples

The Church has long employed talented architects and other artists to create beautiful spaces I find inspirational on my camera journey.  The lines, the craftsmanship, the weathered stones and well worn pews are quite fascinating along with gorgeous accents from blue skies and colorful foliage around the buildings.  I hope you enjoy these images of sacred places from my portfolio.  As you can see I enjoy creating high contrast black and white versions of the photographs of church details as well as other variations with highly saturated colors.

Sacred Spaces

If you’re pondering just the right gift for the bride and groom, do consider a work of art. Naturally, I think a fine art photograph of their church would be quite grand!  Another artistic treasure you might consider for the lucky couple is a “Live Event Painting” by the talented Barbara Davis who attends the wedding receptions to capture them on canvas as the event is happening.

Contrasting Church Details

The next time you are about to step into a place of worship, pause to marvel at the creative minds and skilled hands that created the space, its stained glass windows, carvings and other decorative features.  Even simple churches with a mound of dirt and planks of wood to allow for handicapped access are worthy of a smile.

Chapel Detail at St. Paul's School

Best wishes to the brides and grooms of the season and to you as you attempt to get the song out of your head.  “Going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married…”

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