Done any jumping jacks lately?!  Like our bodies, we must exercise our brains.  Some professions require continuing education, but for others we must choose to engage in lifelong learning.  Nikon provides photographers with opportunities to exercise the brain and learn new tricks of the trade.  I recently joined a group in New Orleans and worked some muscles while exploring some lighting techniques and reveling in the wonder of New Orleans – the land of jazz, unique architecture, king cakes, oysters, parades and more.

Good lighting, a nice composition, and an interesting subject are the foundation for a strong image.  Photographs become great when special energy is added to the mix through things like the stories behind the shot, a unique moment in time, surprising weather, a twinkle in the eye and connecting with the soul of the subject.  Here’s to my mentors and those who allowed me to photograph them including, models, oyster shuckers, street musicians, guys with motorcycles, and more.  Together we mixed in some magic and created some great photos.

Enjoy these shots from New Orleans and remember to let the good times roll during this Mardi Gras season.  As always, thank you for the story ideas, for posing, for adding my work to your collection, for putting my book, Take My Hand, on your coffee table and being ready to see where my camera and I go next.

If you are looking for a way to exercise your brain, do check out Chautauqua – a place our family chooses to spend time each summer where lifelong learning is a foundation.  We know exercise is good for us, so get on with it!

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