Before My Eyes

Like a gentle spring breeze blowing in our face, we receive a whisper in our ear to do something. Do we listen and give it a go, or do we let the opportunity pass us by?  Our first challenge is putting ourselves in a position of listening, and the next is to receive the call and do what it is we are being urged to try.

On my Camera Journey nature provides great inspiration, yet I never viewed myself as one to photograph animals.  Lately, it has been animals that have literally presented themselves in front of my camera, so why not try photographing them?!  While recently in New Zealand visiting a gorgeous lodge, I knew I had already captured the photographs I needed for the magazine story on which I was working, but why turn down an invitation for an early morning tour with the estate manager?  And when these beautiful animals were right before my eyes and my camera was actually in my hands, how could I not take a picture?

The morning after photographing a gorgeous prescribed burn in Georgia, the bluebirds were singing when I awoke and I listened to their call to come outside and join them.  How could I not take a picture?

The cows were grazing while the bluebirds were singing, and the dog was happily seeking quail.  How could I not take a picture?

Recently a friend texted me a photograph of her walking iris in full bloom.  When she let me know they only bloom for one day, I hopped in the car to capture this fleeting flower on camera.  While contorting my body in strange positions trying to get an interesting shot, this cat slinked in front of me to check out the flower too.  How could I not take a picture?  (In case you are curious about what a walking iris looks like you can follow me and check out a recent post in social media land on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.)

Stay tuned for more photos from the New Zealand article when it is published.  In the meantime, pick up the newly released June/July issue of Coveyrise Magazine to see evidence of my journey to Charleston, South Carolina as well as fiery forests and cozy dens in Alabama.  Italy is on the map as well, but sadly not for me, just one of my pieces is making the journey for a show in Pietrasanta.  Such grand adventures my camera and I are having!  Now go about having your own adventures.  Listen and watch for the gifts placed right in front of you.  How can you not?

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